About Select NZ

At Select NZ we are passionate about designing and delivering customised, exclusive, authentic New Zealand experiences for the discerning traveller.

Our expertise and longevity in the travel industry mean our customers experience New Zealand differently and take with them stories to treasure for a lifetime.

Our love is luxury travel and our passion is delivering rewarding experiences that our customers feel. For us it’s not just about what our customers see but the way they see it and how they experience the people, the places, the culture & heritage, the cuisine & fine wines, the adventure or the relaxation while they’re in New Zealand.

The travel experiences are real, authentic, exclusive and customised to deliver memorable experiences. All this at a time when people are craving deeper and authentic experiences that grow their sense of being on all levels and deliver life-long memories.

“Despite competition from 6 other tour guides listed on Trip Advisor, we decided to choose your service because of the personal touch you exhibited.”

The connections and relationships that have been nurtured by the team at Select NZ mean you get behind the doors that are closed to others. These are the doors that open a world to rare, evocative and precious experiences.

You can soak up meaningful cultural exchanges whether it’s meeting a Maori guide for a walk around the historical geothermal valleys in Rotorua and receiving a personal history of the Maori culture or being part of the whale watching and hearing stories of the significance of the sea and whales for Maori.

You can get up close and personal with nature whether taking in a tour of the three biggest volcanoes in Auckland, hiking in a World Heritage Park, swimming with the dolphins or glimpsing a view of New Zealand’s native flightless bird, the Kiwi, in it’s natural habitat on the remote Stewart Island.

These are under-the-radar authentic travel experiences for people who desire a rewarding holiday far beyond the predictable.

Our customers get to see New Zealand differently and that experience means they leave different. They take with them life-long memories and stories to share with future generations. With Select NZ it’s not just what you see it’s how you get to see it.

Select NZ Authentic Experiences, Precious Memories.

Our Team

John McIntyre - Director

It’s said the most successful people are those who follow their passion and make that passion their career. Select NZ owner John McIntyre gives truth to that maxim.

John has been in the travel industry for more than 40 years and it just so happens that travel, hiking, history, museums and antiquities are his great passions.

He is driven by his belief in the highest levels of customer service with exceptional levels of service delivery underpinning his love for customers of Select NZ.

John is passionate about creating exceptional experiences for his clients, many of whom return for more tours around New Zealand with John and his team.

As a service industry professional of more than four decades John is understandably well connected and that shows in the unique nature of the tours that he designs for his clients.

John has been on the Board of Auckland Museum for the past eight years.

Guy King

The first thing that strikes you about Guy King is passion for exceptionally high standards of service. Guy is a well-known personality in New Zealand and the depth and breadth of his network must make for a super sized little black book.

He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of just about everything and the seeds of his knowledge have been sown across a multitude of business experiences and in many different industries.

He’s a consummate professional guide and chauffeur and has a passion for photography; fly fishing, vintage cars, wine, New Zealand history and music, art, food & wine, aviation and cycling. Guy is a past Chairman of the Auckland Branch of the New Zealand Historic Places Trust.

Above all, Guy’s greatest joy is connecting people with people.

Our Private Driver / Guides

In-conjunction with the private guiding we personally undertake ourselves, when required, we also utilise the services of professional and knowledgeable contracted driver/guides who are carefully selected by us to ensure that first and r foremost they meet our exacting requirements of guiding professionalism, providing high levels of customer service and an understanding of the sensitivities of interacting with high end clients whilst providing the very best possible care, whatever the circumstances.

For our guests comfort we only use premium vehicles ranging European sedans, Mercedes Viano’s and Sprinters to Ford Tourneo’s, depending on the number of people and luggage requirements. Our driver hosts are impeccably attired, discreet and mindful of protocol and provide guests with a private, friendly, relaxed, safe and comfortable journey.